Pokemon Go Eevee Information: How To Get Any Eevee Evolution

Since its launch in Summer time 2016, Pokemon Go has been steadily introducing increasingly more Pokemon to gather. Most not too long ago, developer Niantic applied monsters from the sequence’ Gen four video games, Diamond and Pearl, and the studio has begun dropping hints that Gen 5 Pokemon–those that initially debuted in Pokemon Black and White on the DS–are on the horizon as nicely.

Probably the most beloved and distinctive Pokemon within the sequence is Eevee. Whereas a reasonably widespread sight in Pokemon Go, what makes Eevee particular is that it is able to evolving into a wide range of completely different varieties. Usually, which Eevee evolution you get is as much as luck, however there are a number of tips to make sure you get the evolution of your selection. For those who’re hoping for a selected one, learn on for tips about how one can get any Eevee evolution.

How Many Eevee Evolutions Are There?

Eevee is categorized because the Evolution Pokemon, and fittingly, it might probably evolve into eight attainable forms–more than every other monster within the sequence. The latest Eevee evolution, Sylveon, was launched in Pokemon X and Y for 3DS, and whereas it isn’t but attainable in Pokemon Go, it can inevitably be added to the sport sooner or later sooner or later. Within the meantime, listed here are all of the attainable varieties Eevee can evolve into in Pokemon Go:

  • Vaporeon — Water-type
  • Jolteon — Electrical-type
  • Flareon — Hearth-type
  • Espeon — Psychic-type
  • Umbreon — Darkish-type
  • Leafeon — Grass-type
  • Glaceon — Ice-type

How To Select Eevee Evolutions

Eevee requires 25 Eevee Candies to evolve, which is pretty low cost by the sport’s requirements, so that you should not have a lot bother amassing the required quantity of Sweet to evolve it. Usually, the shape it turns into will likely be decided randomly, however you possibly can affect its evolution by giving it a selected nickname, guaranteeing it can evolve right into a sure kind. Nonetheless, this nicknaming trick can solely be used as soon as per evolution. This is the complete listing of nicknames and the evolutions they will produce:

  • Vaporeon — Rainer
  • Jolteon — Sparky
  • Flareon — Pyro
  • Espeon — Sakura
  • Umbreon — Tamao
  • Leafeon — Linnea
  • Glaceon — Rea

As soon as you modify Eevee’s nickname to one of many aforementioned choices, you may see the silhouette of the corresponding Pokemon seem on the Evolve button, signaling that you’ve got completed all the things proper. As beforehand talked about, nonetheless, you possibly can solely use this trick as soon as for every kind; in case you’ve already obtained a Jolteon by nicknaming it Sparky, you will not have the ability to get one other one utilizing the identical technique, so consider carefully earlier than evolving an Eevee.

Different Eevee Evolution Tips

Along with the above nicknaming trick, there’s one other technique to ensure which kind your Eevee will evolve into, particularly in order for you Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, or Glaceon. Nonetheless, this may require a bit extra work.

Espeon / Umbreon

Set Eevee as your Buddy Pokemon, then stroll 10 kilometers with it. As soon as you have traveled the required distance collectively and earned two Candies, evolve Eevee (whereas it is nonetheless set as your Buddy Pokemon) in the course of the day to get Espeon, or at night time (between eight PM – eight AM native time) to get Umbreon.

Leafeon / Glaceon

To ensure Eevee evolves into Leafeon or Glaceon, you may have to have both a Mossy Lure or a Glacial Lure–two new forms of Lure Modules not too long ago launched within the recreation. You should purchase both of those by the in-game merchandise store for 200 cash.

As soon as you have gotten your palms on a Mossy Lure, set it in a PokeStop, then spin its Picture Disc and evolve Eevee to obtain Leafeon. Set a Glacial Lure as an alternative and the Evolution Pokemon will flip into Glaceon. You possibly can learn extra concerning the course of in our information on how to get Leafeon and Glaceon in Pokemon Go.

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